About Us

What is Fake College Football? Well, it's a way to spend the long offseason! You have the option of being either a head football coach and calling all the shots, or being a coordinator. You get to choose your coach's name, your team, your play-styles, and get to control your out of conference schedule!

Once the season starts, let the games begin!

Here's how the gameplay works. Each coach guesses a number between 1-1500, and based on a range and both team's play-styles, a number of different outcomes could occur. The closer your offensive number is to their defensive number, the better.

Much like real football there are 4 downs and possessions switch back and forth until the end of the game. The amount of time that a play takes comes down to a few things. The type of play, the yards gained/lost, and the style of offense. Other than that, the game runs like real football!

This league uses real FBS teams, and generally tries to follow the way the NCAA functions. The one major difference is that we use an 8 team playoff, not a 4 team playoff. There is a fake playoff committee, a fake Coaches Poll, and a fake AP poll.

That's the gist of Fake College Football. We're just starting up, so nothing is set in stone and is subject to change. If you're interested, join us!